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CHC is a client-centric creative boutique focusing on content development consulting, with a robust offering of digital and traditional media design and creative production services.

A Few of Our Clients

A Few of Our Clients

Creative Development

We believe creativity is borne through rich collaboration. Whether it’s a brand, a product or an issue, our team works with you to hone your mission resulting in the best creative outcome imaginable.


It’s simple. We make it happen. Our production team strives to execute concepts with meticulous detail and refinement.


Rent our studio for your production. Bring your own crew and gear or let us do that for you. Our team is ready to help!


Our award winning post-production facility encompasses the entire editing and finishing process.

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If I just needed someone to crew a shoot or post a script – I could call anyone. What makes Cold Harbor different in my eyes is the intelligence they bring to the creative process. They are smart and always bring something extra to their executions, which makes my product better and gives me a great sense of assurance that my clients are getting the best work possible. These guys get it.  
Jillayne Smyth  Partner Chief Creative, Purple Strategies
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As an agency, you look for partners that speak your language and can anticipate the needs of your clients. The Cold Harbor team does just that. With their strategic, creative mindset and talented production team, they always allow us to deliver the best for our clients on-time and on-budget with the attitude of what more can be done. They’re an asset to my company and clients, plain and simple.
Patrick Brady  Senior Vice President
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Cold Harbor’s ability to produce great content on tight deadlines has always kept me coming back. Their strategic approach to content development and the scalability in the production process allows me more flexibility to dream a little bigger each time a new project is on the horizon. It’s been nearly ten years working with Cold Harbor and I look forward to twenty more.
Mick Masucka  Director of Creative Services, United Airlines
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